Good Reasons to Maintain Your Hearing Early


Larry and Loretta C., of Dewey, AZ write, “Dear Dusty, it has been two years now since I finally got hearing aids from you. I regret putting this off.  I am much more engaged in life and what is going on around me now.  Your staff have been wonderful. You have built a successful business with wonderful customer service to back it up.  Thanks so much for what you have added to our lives.”

Good reasons to maintain your hearing early

Improved interpersonal relationships: Communication is the key to maintaining healthy relationships.  To constantly ask others to repeat themselves may cause friction and frustration. Treating hearing loss opens these channels of clear communication and drastically improves our most important relationships.

Better brain health: Researchers at Johns Hopkins discovered a potential link between untreated hearing loss with confusion and even dementia. They found hearing loss leads to less engagement in certain areas of the brain, creating a greater “cognitive load” which fatigues the brain.

Greater sense of security and independence: Hearing is a sense developed from early human evolution for survival.  Depending on the degree in your hearing loss, you may not hear certain alarms, car horns, doorbells, or emergency phone messages. With hearing technology, people are empowered with more confidence to make their way more independently.

Healthier lives: With better hearing, you are less likely to feel isolated socially and more likely to continue pursuing your favorite activities.  Because hearing is related to balance, studies have found that untreated hearing loss significantly increases the number of falls.  Treating hearing loss has an overall positive, healthy impact on your life.

Cynthia W., of Prescott writes: “A2Z Hearing is awesome! My husband has been hard of hearing for years.  He has tried other hearing clinics but absolutely nothing compares to A2Z.  You can get them the same day!  The cost is better than the others. The service is great, fast and friendly.”

At A2Z Hearing Health, we believe it is our responsibility, and indeed privilege, as hearing care professionals to help individuals stay fully connected. Hearing care is about keeping people connected throughout life.

A hearing aid is a miniature computer that automatically adjust to the sound environments you move in and out of.  Easy to wear and maintain.  More discrete than ever.  You would be amazed at the new technology available today in hearing aids.

Dusty and Dee Spitler are proud that over 35% of their business comes from referrals by friends and families. That says a lot about the product and customer satisfaction.