Hearing Speech Clarity

Surveys reveal when people finally accept they need assistance with their hearing, they look for the newest technology, and a specialist they can trust and depend on.

Over the last six months, about 30 of our patients have switched from Zounds hearing aids to our newest Starkey technology. 100% of these patients report greater clarity, quality and reliability. The benefits include:

• More natural hearing

• Pristine audio and clarity

• Better understanding in conversations

• Remote microphone for a companion

• Stream TV, phones, music, directly to your hearing aids

There is definitely a “good-better-best” hierarchy that applies to hearing aids. Be cautious of advertisements with unbelievably low prices. Often these are outdated technology by small manufacturers, supported from “outside” our community.

• Get referrals from people you trust

• Do your research online when shopping the brands

• Visit the clinic and meet the staff prior to making an appointment

At A2Z Hearing, Dusty and Dee Spitler are part of our community, living in Prescott for 20 years, and they are certainly committed to helping you.

The Risks

Adults with hearing loss experience a 30-40% faster decline in cognitive abilities than their peers with normal hearing. Scientists believe extra effort exerted by the brain to listen and comprehend “steals” resources from the part of the brain used for memory and decision-making. People report being exhausted aft er a noisy dinner or gathering of friends.

The Effects on Others

Yes “your” hearing loss affects family members, co-workers and friends. From frustration with having to repeat things over, to the heartbreak of seeing someone they care about isolate themselves, become agitated, and miss out on conversations and activities they used to enjoy.

The Benefits

Hearing aids process sound signals so it is easier for the brain to understand. They reduce cognitive load. Benefits of wearing hearing aids may include:

• Improves independence and safety

• Reduces mental fatigue and increases energy

• Improves memory and focus

• Improves quality of life and connection to loved ones

Dusty Spitler

State-of-the-art hearing aids enhance your quality of life dramatically. You already know one secret to aging well is keeping your brain active. Your brain must first receive all the sounds. It is sad to think about missing out on the sound of a child’s laugh, or to miss parts of music you love. Take control of your hearing health. Stop and visit A2Z Hearing today.