Roger Daltrey of The Who says, ‘Tommy, can you hear me?’

At almost every concert by The Who since the late 1960s, Roger Daltrey has performed “Pinball Wizard,” with its tell-tale line: “That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.”

Now, in an ironic twist, Daltrey, 74, is — in his words — “very, very deaf.”

So deaf, in fact, that he lip reads and uses monitors in both of his ears to be able to follow the music on stage. And so deaf he is now encouraging concertgoers to wear hearing protection in order to avoid later needing hearing aids themselves.

Daltrey is not the only member of The Who to battle hearing loss. Who co-founder Pete Townshend, 72, has wrestled with hearing problems for decades and, according to Daltrey, now wears hearing aids in both of his ears. Also, Who bassist John Entwistle — who died in 2002— wore hearing aids.

Earlier this year, fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Eric Clapton disclosed he is also beset with major hearing issues. Other rock legends whose hearing has been afflicted include Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, who was warned by doctors that he could lose all his hearing if he did not stop touring.

Then there’s guitar legend Jeff Beck, who — in the 1990s— cut back his touring to try and minimize the pain in his ears. Beck says, “I had one hearing specialist say I had similar hearing loss to an artillery gunner in World War II. But if that’s the case, why have all the drummers I’ve played with all these years not suffered? They’re the ones where all the noise comes from. I wouldn’t play at a painful level on my amp; that would be unthinkable. But every time he hits a drum, the drummer is closest to the noise. I’m mystified why drummers aren’t screaming in pain.”

A famous saying of mine is. “suffering is optional.” That is true for your hearing.  Why suffer when there is such great technology available today.

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Good reasons to maintain your hearing early

Improved interpersonal relationships: Communication is the key to maintaining healthy relationships.  To constantly ask others to repeat themselves may cause friction and frustration. Treating hearing loss opens these channels of clear communication and drastically improves our most important relationships.

Better brain health: Researchers at Johns Hopkins discovered a potential link between untreated hearing loss with confusion and even dementia. They found hearing loss leads to less engagement in certain areas of the brain, creating a greater “cognitive load” which fatigues the brain.

Greater sense of security and independence: Hearing is a sense developed from early human evolution for survival.  Depending on the degree in your hearing loss, you may not hear certain alarms, car horns, doorbells, or emergency phone messages. With hearing technology, people are empowered with more confidence to make their way more independently.

Healthier lives: With better hearing, you are less likely to feel isolated socially and more likely to continue pursuing your favorite activities.  Because hearing is related to balance, studies have found that untreated hearing loss significantly increases the number of falls.  Treating hearing loss has an overall positive, healthy impact on your life.

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