The POWER of hearing better

I just lead another New Warrior Adventure Training. This training was up in the wilds of Wyoming. These trainings are personal growth opportunities for men.  Our theme this time was based on Ted Talks by Brene Brown, on the subject of shame and vulnerability.  I started thinking how hearing decline could be associated with shame and vulnerability.  Brown explains that society has taught us that showing any vulnerability is a weakness and could allow others to take advantage of us. Brown explains the truth is actually the complete opposite.  When we move beyond the shame and take the risk of vulnerability, we reclaim our power.  However, if we remain in the shame, we disconnect from the ones we love. We tend to isolate, judge ourselves as not-good-enough, even somehow broken.

Brene Brown, a Research Professor at University of Houston, says, “Vulnerability is not a weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous.”

Time and time again, when I am willing to speak of my shame, to take the risk and honestly expose myself, my fears, my grief, even my anger, I receive love, acceptance and power. That’s right – power. It is hard to believe that being vulnerable can be associated with power. Yet it is true.

Take hearing decline. I didn’t want to admit this to anyone, or even consider wearing hearing aids. Over the years, society has attached a stigma to hearing aids as being old, or a weakness. If I hide my hearing decline, then I isolate, I don’t speak up, out of fear of not tracking the conversation.  I stop enjoying friends, social gatherings, group meetings, etc. I actually disconnect and dis-empower myself.

On the other hand, if I risk being vulnerable, accept my hearing decline, and actually do something about it, including wearing the latest technology for hearing, I re-connect with my loved ones, my friends, and once again enjoy things I have interest in. There is “power” in taking back control of my life, starting with my hearing health.

Consider taking a risk with vulnerability. Accept what challenges have been presented and see it as building strength, courage, and reclaiming power.

Call for a free hearing evaluation now. Test drive the newest of technology. Get excited again about the things you love.  Always get referrals and visit the hearing clinic prior to making an appointment.