Why are restaurants so loud?

In recent years, food critics and business journals have commented on the noise level of restaurants. Across the country, the trend toward more modern design has changed the acoustics of restaurants – which may alienate those who are hard of hearing.

Many find that dining in noisy restaurants makes conversation extremely difficult and no longer enjoyable.

Gone are the tablecloths and carpeted floors. Restaurant designs now boast exposed brick, wood, iron, and concrete. With these hard surfaces, the noise of restaurants is too much for many.

Music and ambiance is also a huge part of restaurants.  Bon Appetit Magazine writes that loud restaurants “are perceived as lively and vibrant.”  Unfortunately, as the music gets louder, so do our voices as we attempt to hear each other over the tunes and other diners.

Don’t lose your appetite quite yet. With the newest hearing technology, you can still enjoy dinner in these restaurants with your friends and loved ones.

Customized settings and remote controls are now available. One model even has a GPS feature that remembers your preferences and automatically adjusts to your saved settings each time you enter that same restaurant.


There are about 120,000 people over the age of 50 in Yavapai County.  Almost 30% of those have some degree of hearing challenge.  Consider there may be over 35,000 customers in Yavapai that are not enjoying your business due to the noise and/or lack of awareness by your staff.

The population of Baby Boomers will double in the next 20 years. These are trends to pay attention to.

These simple steps could improve your client’s experience, thus increasing your revenue, and tips:

  1. Sit seniors in the least noisy part of the restaurant.
  2. Train staff to face customers, slow down and enunciate their speech.
  3. Turn down the music and ask staff to be sensitive to loud background noise.

Do not stop enjoying our local restaurants.  Call A2Z Hearing Health today and experience the best speech clarity, lowest prices and first-class customer service.

No hearing aid provider should promise perfectly renewed hearing.  However, the best advice is to start now, get tested, have realistic expectations, be patient and exercise your brain, using the best hearing systems and counseling you can find locally.  Be proactive.