A2Z Hearing is available for your every hearing need. We thrive on working closely with our clients to ensure that you get the best hearing health treatment. We take you step-by-step through the process of diagnosing hearing loss and are on-hand to assess what your hearing needs may be. We practice a hands-on approach to helping you select the hearing aid device that suits your needs.

When you work with us to take home the perfect hearing aid, you also receive worry-free repair and cleaning services. A2Z is proud to offer seminars and groups to help you as you transition to your changing hearing capabilities. All in all, our full-spectrum services are here to provide you quality care, no matter your hearing needs.

Hearing Evaluations

The first step in assessing your hearing needs is to undergo a hearing evaluation. We offer comprehensive audiological evaluations and hearing tests for adults. Our state-of-the-art evaluations are painless and minimally invasive. We only use the highest quality digital diagnostic tools, such as our video otoscopy, which gives you a detailed viewing of your ear canal. The computerized hearing aid analysis that we use ensures that you receive only the best diagnostic results. With hearing evaluations offered by A2Z Hearing, you are well on your way to the healthiest hearing you could imagine.

Hearing Aids

Here at A2Z Hearing we are experts in helping you to find the perfect hearing aid device. We offer a full line of the most current hearing aids available on the market, and we specialize in digital hearing aid technology. Whether you need a small, discreet hearing aid that sits gently within your ear canal, or the full power of a behind-the-ear device equipped with wireless capability and directional microphones, you can be sure that A2Z hearing will not only address your hearing needs but help you to look and feel great as well.

It can take a while to adjust to your new hearing aid device. You might find yourself simply getting used to how they fit in and on your ear. There can also be a long adjustment period as you get used to being able to capture sounds that you thought you had lost. These are big changes in your physical wellbeing that can also affect your emotional wellbeing. To assist in your transition with an exciting new hearing aid, A2Z offers follow-up visits where we help you to fine-tune your hearing aid device to ensure maximum benefits.

Additional Services

A2Z Hearing is available every step of the way of your hearing health journey. We help you on the front end to identify, assess, and treat your hearing. We also help you to maintain your hearing aid devices to ensure that they are always functioning at 100% capacity. To this end, we offer full repair services for all makes and models of the hearing aids we offer. You can receive routine maintenance to be sure that your device is working properly at all times.

We also offer cleaning services for hearing aids—this can be especially helpful if you are using in-ear-canal devices that are small and can be tricky to handle. Let our seasoned professionals help you keep your hearing aid device up to date, clean, and stylish.


Last but not least, A2Z Hearing offers seminars and support groups for people interested in learning more about hearing health. These educational initiatives will help you get to know the rapidly changing field of hearing aid devices, or to simply get support for the sometimes-difficult transitions that hearing loss can produce. When you visit one of our excellent facilities, you will meet with people who are familiar with the wide range of emotions that hearing loss can result in. Our dedicated specialists are skilled at directing you to the resources that you can use to educate yourself about healthy hearing habits. Our seminars and support groups are focused on helping you developing communication habits that adapt to your changing needs. Our goal is to connect you with people and services that will bring out your best hearing capabilities, and that will teach you how to feel connected to your changing hearing and to remain connected to friends, loved ones, and communicators.


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